"Exquisite! This film beautifully captures the essence of the life and work of an extraordinary woman blessed with the talent to preserve and pass on an extraordinary tradition. An eloquent and visually sumptuous meditation on what it means to create sacred art." Reverend Heidi Singh Pasadena, CA



"Watching 'Creating Buddhas' is a dharma journey into the Divine Feminine--one of beauty, creativity, spaciousness, hope, and inspiration. My heart felt both full and open from seeing the gorgeous images and thangkas. Observing Leslie's creative process and listening to the wisdom of the speakers and energy of the songs and chanting--what an uplifting experience!"

Marian Farrior Earth Partnership Field Manager, UW-Madison Arboretum Madison, WI



"Detail, devotion, and delight are words to describe "Creating Buddhas." Not only is the journey of this ancient art form seen through Leslie's passion and skill in creating the fabric thangka, it is made beautifully visible by its filmmaker in capturing the pieces of both story and image." Susan Eaton Mendenhall Owner, Spatial Impact DeForest, WI



"Isadora is a great talent. A very gifted artist who works hard and with passion."

Mark Milloff Professo, Rhode Island School of Design Providence, RI



"I was so very pleased to have seen your film Creating Buddhas last night. Not only was it the best piece of work I have seen from you, it serves a very important cultural function in documenting a rare and fleeting practice. I cannot wait to see more of your film work. You have a tremendous gift and I want to thank you for sharing your film with me."

Stefan Odsene Art History Ph.D. Student UW-Madison Madison, WI



"The richness and authenticity of culture, spirituality, and 'artist within' is held with a creative tension throughout the film. Isadora Gabriell Leidenfrost, from the perspective of the Millennial Generation, has wonderfully discerned a powerful connection between a current day artist and ancient practice. One feels intently a deepening in the meaning of living a committed life to something larger than self." Don Mendenhall, Photographer DeForest, WI



"I was first introduced to Isadora's work through her piece "Illuminated Womanscript". It is a fabric book with stitched stories of international women and their lives. I found this piece to be remarkably moving and extraordinarily insightful for such a young artist. I hope to help make the "Illuminated Womanscript" available for many to see as I know it will inspire others as well. I can't wait to watch Isadora's art in the future. She has a unique and fine capacity to tell the stories of our complex world and societies."

Jeanan Yasiri Faculty Associate for the Center for Non Profits, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison, WI



"Isadora Leidenfrost's portrayal of the textile tradition of the Gujarati culture is an intimate image of the artistry and lifestyle of a family-art form tied to the worship of Durga. Well-designed and edited, this DVD will serve as a testament to a traditional art form that may soon be lost to the forces of Indian modernization." Jeff Cox Co-Founder, Snow Lion Publications Ithaca, NY "There is much beauty in the film "Unconscious Eloquence", and some sequences are very arresting, especially the river views and other overlays. The power of red in India: issues ofpurity and pollution is very strong. Gender issues are extremely complex in India as elsewhere, and it is hard to successfully discuss/equate with Durga/Kali worship with women's status in Indian society. GREAT narration!"

Desiree Koslin Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology NY, NY



"Isadora Leidenfrost has created a graceful, informative and visually spell-binding documentary. Unconscious Eloquence gives us a view into this community of artists living their simple and joyful lives in the creation of amazing works of art."

Barbara Beausoleil Founder, Mothergoddess.com